The night is dark and misty. Silhouettes of bodies are dancing with their shadows.
They’re flashing up in the strobe lights. Julius Gale is observing the ecstasy, the people, the club. He takes it in – in slow motion.
Inspired by these impressions, the producer and songwriter creates the soundtrack for the moment between intoxication and silence. Julius Gale is fascinated by the mathematic and uncompromising structure of electronic music.

In his own music he connects the precise and electronic sound with emotional depth. His voice gives the frigid soundwall, which he builds with beats and synthesizers, a melancholic touch, which can break as well as capture the euphoria of the club. This mixture not only attracted his first fans, but also electronic music acts like M83 and Delphic, who took him on their tour. He also drew the attention of the crowd and critics at the Berlin Festival, who selected him one of their top ten acts of the festival.

In collaboration with producer Leander Bauer, Julius Gale has now finished his debut, the *acapulco-EP. It mirrors his live energy as well as his thought-through way of creating music.
You will carry the dreamy songs with you into the real world – like the memory of a night, when the doors to the club are closing.